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FEKO Overview

This introduction to FEKO formed part of the Altair Hyperworks Partner Alliance Introductory Webinar Series, presented in August 2011.

FEKO - Comprehensive Electromagnetic Analysis Software Suite

Altair Acquires SIMSOLID

Altair has acquired SIMSOLID, a company founded by asking a simple question: “Why does the geometry used in the design and structural simulation worlds have to be so different?”

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Winner announced for the 2015 FEKO student competition

Ting-Yen Shih, a Ph.D. student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was announced the 2015 winner of the FEKO Student Competition. The contest, now in its 11th year, supports engineering education and academic excellence and is aimed at students interested in antennas, microwave devices, bio-electromagnetics, electromagnetic compatibility and other electromagnetic related fields. 

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Altair announces 2015 FEKO student competition

200 x 200Altair announced that engineering students from across the globe are once again invited to compete in the popular FEKO Student Competition. The competition is open to all under-graduate and post-graduate students who work on a supervised project in the area of electromagnetic engineering and make use of FEKO, Altair's comprehensive electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite, included in HyperWorks®.

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Winner announced in 2014 FEKO student competition

Altair announced that Gastón Ezequiel Pérez, a final year electrical engineering student from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires, Argentina, has won the 2014 FEKO Student Competition, an international contest organized in support of engineering education and academic excellence.

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Altair Engineering launches in South Africa after recent EMSS acquisition

 Altair Engineering, a U.S. based engineering company, recently acquired EM Software & Systems-S.A. based in Technopark which sees FEKO, the electromagnetic field analysis software now becoming part of HyperWorks.  With this acquisition Altair will now have a local presence in the South African market, covering all sales and support activities in the region. 

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EMSS Releases FEKO Suite 6.1

EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd (EMSS) has announced the release of FEKO Suite 6.1, which is claimed to be packed with new features and comes with a completely revised version of CADFEKO. The main revision was aimed at improving the usability of the feature-packed user interface. This was...Read more

Antenna Magus, Version 3.0 is Launched

MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. , Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) and EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) (EMSS) Ltd. have released the third major version of Antenna Magus, which features an antenna knowledge management system especially designed for antenna engineers, enabling them to add their own custom antennas to the existing...Read more

A Thin, Low-profile Antenna Using a Novel High Impedance Ground Plane

The size of the antenna for a given application does not depend purely on the technology, but on the laws of physics where the antenna size with respect to the wavelength has the predominant influence on the radiation characteristics. With modern day communication devices becoming smaller and lighter, demand...Read more

FEKO and Antenna Magus Have Designs on Partnership

Antenna Magus and FEKO have joined forces to offer a new software solution aimed at engineers engaged in antenna design and antenna placement analysis. Antenna Magus offers a large searchable collection of antennas, which can be explored to find, synthesize and export antenna models. The software solution is not...Read more

SEAM® Software

Altair announces acquisition of Cambridge Collaborative’s SEAM® software, best-in-class high-frequency noise and vibration predictive technology.

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FEKOWinProp 2018 - Ver1

Altair’s Electromagnetic Simulation Tools

Altair provides leading electromagnetic simulation software to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems. Watch a webinar to discover the new features available in the 2018 releases of FEKO including WinProp.

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FEKO Release Integrated into HyperWorks

electronics image300 x200FEKO, now part of Altair HyperWorks, is available under Altair’s patented on-demand software licensing system.   Users can run multiple HyperWorks applications (including FEKO) and other Altair products for a flat rate, rather than paying for each license in use. As part of Altair’s portfolio, the FEKO version number will jump from FEKO Suite 7.0 to FEKO 14.0 to align with HyperWorks 14.0, the next version of HyperWorks.

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FEKO Suite 7.0.2 Feature Update

SHIPThe first Altair HyperWorks Units (HWU) enabled version of FEKO is now available on the Altair website. HWU licensing will allow access to many Altair products, including the powerful HyperMesh pre-processor. FEKO Suite 7.0.2 has major runtime and memory improvements for the Ray-Launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO) solver. This applies specifically to electrically huge problems.

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FEKO Suite 7.0

7.0With the belief that no single computational EM (CEM) method is capable of solving the whole spectrum of problems, EMSS introduces fully integrated finite difference time domain (FDTD) and multilevel fast multipole/physical optics (MLFMM/PO) hybrid solvers. FEKO’s Suite 7.0 release will take the next step toward a complete solution.

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FEKO Suite 6.2

Suite6.2FEKO Suite 6.2 introduces several completely new features to FEKO.  Characteristic mode analysis (CMA) is the numerical calculation of a weighted set of orthogonal current-modes that are supported on conducting bodies (similar to waveguide modes). The eigencurrents are independent of any specific source or excitation and thus only depend on the shape and size of the conducting body.

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FEKO Suite

FEKO_100pFEKO offers several techniques (MoM, MLFMM, FEM, asymptopic high frequency PO, GO, UTD) and special extensions for the efficient solution of a broad spectrum of RF problems in a single code. Applications include analysis and design of antennas, antenna placement, scattering, RF and waveguide components, EMC, and radiation hazards.

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Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus_100pAntenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be explored to find, design and export models of the designed antennas to FEKO for further analysis, optimization or integration and placement on platforms.

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ISMRM 2013

ISMRM 2013 - Product Theatre
Salt Lake City, UT
United States

FEKO will be exhibiting at ISMRM 2013 during the week of April 20th.


Tuesday, the 23rd of April we are hosting two technical presentations in the Product Theatre.


Mr. Peter Futter from EM Software & Systems, South Africa will be speaking on Using FEKO for MRI Applications and Dr. Ananda Kumar from John Hopkins University - MRI Surface Array Coil Simulation and MRI RF Safety Analysis.


This is a ticketed event.


Tickets are available at the FEKO booth (# 379).  All tickets are on a first come first served basis due to limited seating. 


Lunch will also be served during the presentation.

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FEKO Webinar Series 2015


We have covered some very interesting topics so far this year and the recordings of each is available here.  To keep up to date with our webinars subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter and updates.

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El Segundo, CA
United States

CLASTECH is a technical symposium held yearly highlighting recent developments in RF and microwave technologies as a joint effort by the local chapters of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) and the Antennas and Propagation Society (APS).

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Overcoming Challenges in 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage & Channel Analysis with FEKO & WinProp


This webinar will show how FEKO and WinProp can be used for the 5G antenna design, analysis of radio coverage and channel statistics including the antenna effect. 

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Tech-X VSim Applications for Aerospace Webinar

6/19/18 10:00 am EDT

Join us for this webinar covering VSim.


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Antenna Design for 5G Communications

With the rollout of the 5th generation mobile network around the corner (scheduled for 2020 [wiki/5G]), technology exploration is in full swing. The new 5G requirements will create opportunities for diverse new applications, including automotive, healthcare, industrial and gaming.


2014 FEKO Student Competition

The popular FEKO Student Competition is once again open to all under-graduates and post-graduates who work on a supervised project in electromagnetic engineering and make use of FEKO. This annual competition is an opportunity for students to showcase their work.


A Novel RF Coupler for SMART Utility Meter Remote Antenna Applications

In this paper the authors investigate and present a patent pending novel micro-strip coupler structure that exhibits very low RF insertion loss (high coupling) while insuring high electrical isolation (>10kV) between the wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) RF connection and the external antenna.


Planar Structures

Microstrip filters, planar antennas and other RF structures are solved efficiently using the planar Green's function. Only the stripline or antenna needs to be discretised with this method. Ground planes are treated implicitly by the formulation and do not add to the number of unknowns.


Windscreen Antennas

Antennas are increasingly incorporated into the windscreens of automobiles. FEKO has a special formulation to design the antenna and calculate the effect of the vehicle on the radiation pattern of the antenna.


Radiation Hazard Analysis

The combination of the integral equation (MoM) and the differential equation (FEM) solvers allows the efficient solution of real world radiation hazard problems e.g. calculating the effect of an antenna's radiation on humans sitting inside a vehicle. SAR is calculated according to international standards.


Cable Harness Analysis

The combined MoM and the Multi-conductor Transmission Line (MTL) theory enables the analysis of coupling into and radiation from cable harnesses in their real-world environments.



Several extensions and special solvers are used in FEKO for efficient EMC analysis, e.g. adaptive frequency interpolation, cable harness analysis, SAR calculation, low frequency stabilisation, time domain analysis. Applications include shielding and coupling investigations, reverberation chamber design and EMC test environment modelling.


Waveguide and RF components

Offering both a MoM and a FEM solver FEKO is well-suited for the full-wave analysis of waveguide structures e.g. Magic-T coupler, slotted waveguide antenna, cavity- and waveguide filters. Port modes are specified or calculated and near-fields and S-parameters are extracted with ease.


Antenna Design and Placement with FEKO and Antenna Magus

App Note: Antenna Magus
A case study, showing the design of an array antenna for the proximity fuse of an air defence missile, is performed to illustrate the combined use of Antenna Magus and FEKO.