7.0Today, more than ever before, electromagnetic (EM) simulation is embraced in the research and design of technologies ranging from RFID tags, to radar systems on ships and most things in between. Increasingly, simulation is applied as a means for digital prototyping early in the product development cycle. It also offers a virtual test platform for scenarios where measurement of the actual usage environment might be challenging or impossible, e.g., a cardiac pacemaker, or lightning striking an airplane. The challenge in these cases is how to generate dependable simulation results.

The FEKO approach is to provide all of the EM solvers in a single license, rather than licensing each solver individually. This broadens the scope of how customers are able to solve problems. The advantage of this approach is that, in the absence of measurements, a good correlation between simulation results using different solvers can give the user confidence and certainty in their models.

EMSS’s belief is that no single computational EM (CEM) method is capable of solving the whole spectrum of problems which is why different CEM methods are normally applied to specific applications. By hybridizing different solvers, it is possible to further combine the advantages of these individual methods to solve an even broader scope of problems.

With the introduction of fully integrated finite difference time domain (FDTD) and multilevel fast multipole/physical optics (MLFMM/PO) hybrid solvers, FEKO’s Suite 7.0 release will take the next step toward a complete solution.

In-depth information on the FEKO Suite 7.0 may be found in our article “FEKO: The Power of Multiple Solvers.”