EMSS launches new solvers in FEKO Suite 7.0

EM Software and Systems releases new solvers in FEKO Suite 7.0 A Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) solver has been added to its comprehensive set of powerful computational methods as well as the hybridisation of the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM) with Physical Optics (PO). Three new import file formats are also now available.

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FEKO Suite 7.0

7.0With the belief that no single computational EM (CEM) method is capable of solving the whole spectrum of problems, EMSS introduces fully integrated finite difference time domain (FDTD) and multilevel fast multipole/physical optics (MLFMM/PO) hybrid solvers. FEKO’s Suite 7.0 release will take the next step toward a complete solution.

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FEKO Suite 6.3

FEKO Suite6.3

FEKO Suite 6.3 delivers several new solver features as well as improvements to the user interface. FEKO users can find more detail in the FEKO Suite 6.3 download area or consult the release notes, which can be found in the FEKO Suite 6.3 installation directory.

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Alpha Micro Wireless launches RF Savvy Series Nona-band SMART Meter RF Coupler

Featured for the first time at Autovation 2012 will be the RF Savvy Series, patent pending, Nona-band Radio Frequency (RF) Coupler from Alpha Micro Wireless. The high 10kV electrical isolation enables safe routing of the RF signal from the network interface card (NIC) or wireless modem to a remote external antenna via a bulk head RF connection in the meter base.
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FEKO Suite 6.2

Suite6.2FEKO Suite 6.2 introduces several completely new features to FEKO.  Characteristic mode analysis (CMA) is the numerical calculation of a weighted set of orthogonal current-modes that are supported on conducting bodies (similar to waveguide modes). The eigencurrents are independent of any specific source or excitation and thus only depend on the shape and size of the conducting body.

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