Suite6.2EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd announces the release of FEKO Suite 6.2

Suite 6.2 introduces several completely new features to FEKO.  Characteristic mode analysis (CMA) is the numerical calculation of a weighted set of orthogonal current-modes that are supported on conducting bodies (similar to waveguide modes). The eigencurrents are independent of any specific source or excitation and thus only depend on the shape and size of the conducting body.

Characteristic mode analysis allows for a systematic (i.e. non brute-force) design approach and provides physical insight regarding antenna operating principles. It is also possible to determine the resonating frequency of specific modes or determine optimum feeding arrangements to excite desired modes while suppressing other unwanted modes. FEKO allows the quick and easy calculation and visualisation of the currents as well as near fields and far fields associated with each mode.

A new fast array solver based on the domain Green's function method (DGFM) has been introduced for the analysis of large, but finite antenna arrays. Finite antenna arrays are easily created by preselecting from various array layouts, such as linear, planar, circular, cylindrical or custom array layouts.

Time domain analysis of results that were obtained using available methods in FEKO such as cable coupling, PO, MLFMM, MoM, FEM and planar GF are derived by using intelligent FFT/IFFT conversions. An advantage of this method is that the input pulse waveform can be changed after the simulation, thereby obtaining instant results for new pulse shapes. The new time domain modelling also takes advantage of adaptive frequency sampling (AFS), allowing a wide frequency range to be simulated using a very small number of frequency samples.

Higher-order basis functions (HOBF) have been implemented for MoM metallic and dielectric surfaces. Hierarchical HOBF allow triangle sizes to be increased while still accurately modelling the current distribution of the model. A coarser mesh results in fewer triangles and fewer unknowns, while allowing accurate solutions with reduced memory and run-time.

Several extensions have been made to the well-integrated cable modelling that is available in FEKO.

Summary of the Highlights of Suite 6.2:

  • Characteristic Mode Analysis
  • Fast array solver - domain Green's function method (DGFM) with tools to create finite sized arrays efficiently in FEKO's user interface
  • Time Domain Analysis (intelligent FFT/IFFT conversion allowing the fast analysis of different time domain signals)
  • Higher-order basis functions (HOBF)
  • Further extensions to cable modeling


FEKO Suite 6.2 is immediately available for existing FEKO customers. A "FREE" 45 day evaluation, including technical support, can also be arranged.