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Vayyar Imaging Secures FCC Waiver and JP Certification

Becoming the first globally regulated provider of automotive in-cabin 4D imaging radar

The FCC’s decision to grant Vayyar a waiver is set to revolutionize in-cabin safety with leading-edge radar-based applications designed to prevent “hot car” tragedies when children are left in vehicles and succumb to vehicular heatstroke. 

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Keysight’s 5G Test Tools Selected by Fujitsu

Leading Japanese information and communication technology company works with Keysight to roll out private 5G networks

Fujitsu has selected Keysight Technologies' Nemo network test and monitoring tools to collect data captured in the field and remotely analyze measurement results at its "Fujitsu Collaboration Lab," a private 5G verification facility. 

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Aitech Joins The Open Group FACE™ Consortium

As a member of the FACE Consortium, Aitech brings decades of experience working with open standards and modular architecture and will contribute its reliable software design experience to help develop FACE conformant capabilities that will enhance rugged embedded systems and boards for defense and space applications. 

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