Sensrad announces the launch of the Hugin D1, a new groundbreaking 4D imaging radar. Born from the toughest conditions, Hugin D1 is designed to reveal the world for what it is – figuratively and literally speaking. The detailed point-cloud can visualize a full 4D representation of the surroundings to enable assistant driving, full autonomy and object detection.

Emerged from radar DNA and with the will to challenge the status quo, Sensrad aims to provide new perspectives for more efficient, secure and safer roads and cities. Hugin D1, applied on any moving vehicle, can separate objects in elevation and reveal the environments in the toughest conditions such as rain, darkness, snow, fog, dust and backlight.

With unmatched performance and paradigm-changing perception, the Hugin D1 features:

  • High scalability, with full support from 76 GHz to 81 GHz, a minimum detection range of 50 cm and the capability of detecting pedestrians up to 300 m
  • 10 cm range resolution and an ultra-high dynamic range
  • Native resolution with 1.25 degrees azimuth, 1.5 degrees elevation and 0.7 degrees separation supported with super resolution
  • Speed measurement with an unambiguous Doppler range of -44 m/s to +88 m/s and a Doppler resolution: 0.1 m/s
  • Unmatched field-of-view (10 dB beamwidth), featuring 100 degrees azimuth and 30 degrees elevation
  • Compact multi-layer waveguide antenna.

“The Hugin D1 is a real game-changer – offering performance that is unmatched by any other radar in the market,” said Marcus Hasselblad, the CEO of Sensrad. “With Hugin D1, our customers can achieve unprecedented levels of situational awareness and safety and expand their operational capabilities and applications in various domains and environments.”

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is based on Arbe’s high resolution radar chipset, Gapwaves’

antenna technology and Qamcom’s research and development. This combination offers advanced perception capabilities in harsh environments for autonomous and assisting driving – supporting any off-road, on-road transportation and aerial applications.