TMYTEK mmWave MIMO solution is capable of large-scale MIMO antenna matrix testbed, and provides an algorithm development platform for beamforming management with the flexibility to re-architect the beamformer testbed to form a multiset of array antenna frontends. The SPI control feature implements the ultra-low-latency beam switching that meets the 3GPP requirement.

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Upgrade Sub-6 GHz.jpg

Upgrade Sub-6 GHz

Optimize CAPEX and reduce OPEX without performance compromise. The solution has been tried, tested, and validated with most Sub-6 GHz instruments to guarantee uncompromised performance for mmWave system researchers and developers.

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Array Antenna Verification

TMYTEK’s cutting-edge beamformer testbed provides multi-channel PA, LNA, Tx/Rx switch, and phase shifter, with a super intuitive GUI. This solution offers a ready-to-use array antenna verification platform for mmWave communication frontend system developers.

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5G mmWave Developer Kit

The TMYTEK 5G mmWave Developer Kit is an all-in-one solution that combines hardware and software to allow engineers to easily setup a 5G communication system to conduct various 5G mmWave experiments.

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