TMY Technology Inc. (TYMTEK), a provider of mmWave solutions, will showcase their latest innovations, the XRifle Reflector and 5G mmW-Coverage solution, at the Wireless Japan 2023 exhibition in Tokyo  in booth #W-16. These cutting-edge technologies offer an optimal solution for 5G frequency range 2 (FR2) research in laboratory environments and seamless deployment of base stations in the field.

TMYTEK will collaborate with NI to conduct a live demonstration of wireless communication utilizing this revolutionary mmWave coverage solution. By strategically configuring the XRifle's eight reflectors with varying incidence and reflection angles, combining TMYTEK's BBox, beamformer and UD Box up-/down-converter, along with NI software-defined radio (SDR) technology, attendees will witness firsthand the remarkable capabilities of the solution. This demonstration emulates gNB and UE with an SDR-based testbed, redistributes FR2 mmWave signals using RIS technology, and constructs optimal coverage at a reasonable cost.

5G mmWave technology holds tremendous promise for delivering enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and ultra-reliable and low latency communications in the future network. However, it faces significant challenges due to propagation losses and susceptibility to blockage by obstacles. This makes establishing reliable coverage in locations such as factories, hospitals and private networks difficult and costly.

To address these challenges, TMYTEK has developed a groundbreaking solution utilizing electromagnetic surface technologies. This solution empowers users to customize electromagnetic signal distributions, effectively cover dead zones, and create controlled signal attenuation in designated "cold zones." TMYTEK's cost-effective approach enables users to overcome these obstacles and achieve seamless 5G connectivity.


  • Redistribute 5G NR mmWave signals
  • Improve weak or null signals in cold zones
  • Create cold zones intentionally for security reasons
  • Plan an FR2 private network with better wireless coverage. 

"As we embark on the 5G era, mmWave deployment poses unique challenges that demand innovative solutions," said Su-Wei Chang, founder and president of TMYTEK. "Our XRifle Reflector and 5G mmW-Coverage solution provide a transformative answer to these challenges, enabling optimized mmWave deployment and connectivity in diverse settings.“