TMY Technology Inc. (TMYTEK) will showcase their wideband mmWave production testing solution covering FR2 to FR3 at the 2023 Microwave Workshops and Exhibition (MWE) in Pacifico Yokohama (Booth #F-02). This solution offers new dimensions in upgrading existing sub-6 GHz testing capabilities, ensuring a streamlined and efficient production process for mmWave chipsets, modules and devices.

As the demand for mmWave chipset, module and device advancements continues to surge, the landscape of production and testing is confronted with formidable challenges. The intricacies of frequency and port count pose significant hurdles, necessitating innovative solutions for seamless and efficient testing processes.

TMYTEK has partnered with NI for a live demonstration showcasing wideband testing featuring the UD Box 5G/0630 and Matrix Switch — a comprehensive testing solution.

The demonstration at MWE will highlight an integrated system that includes multi-port testing for a WLAN RFIC, a 28 GHz beamforming module and a 20 to 40 GHz broadband distributed amplifier, all seamlessly configured into a single setup.

The UD Box series, featuring models such as UD Box 5G (RF frequency range of 24 to 44 GHz for FR2) and UD Box 0630 (RF frequency range of 6 to 30 GHz for FR3), revolutionizes production testing by seamlessly managing frequency up-conversion and down-conversion from 6 GHz to 44 GHz, covering both FR2 and FR3 bands. This capability addresses high frequency testing equipment costs. Combined with the TMYTEK Matrix Switch — a flexible and multi-port RF switching machine supporting SP72T and frequencies up to 52 GHz — this integrated solution meets high frequency measurement demands while enhancing testing throughput, eliminating manual control and mass cabling limitations. The Matrix Switch and UD series are integrated into a versatile broadband testing solution. UD models feature a programmable local oscillator, and both devices offer a control API for seamless automation. This bundled solution sets a new standard in testing efficiency, transforming high frequency testing challenges.

“Overcoming the cost challenges in mass production is paramount for facilitating widespread deployment and powering crucial commercial processes in the realm of mmWave technology,” said Su-Wei Chang, founder and president of TMYTEK. “TMYTEK is dedicated to creating cost-effective and process-efficient solutions, expediting market momentum and catalyzing a future where high frequency innovations drive mass adoption, unlocking new possibilities and accelerating industry growth.”

In addition to the live demonstration, TMYTEK and NI will host an on-site seminar to delve deeper into various insights, including 5G FR2 OAI's Open-Source Playground for Wireless Engineers, mmWave FR2/FR3 Semiconductor Testing and functional verification of radar systems and satellite communications.