Editorial Opportunities/Article Submissions

December 2020 — Because of the large backlog of technical articles we have accepted for the print edition of Microwave Journal and the limited number we can include in each issue, we are currently only accepting submissions for online publication.

MWJ CoverWhy Publish?

The editors of Microwave Journal invite you to consider publishing an article. To see your work published is a satisfying recognition of the successful outcome of engineering principles applied to problem solving, blended with creativity, attention to detail and determination.

Of interest to our readers are technical articles describing a product design, the development or application of technology and tutorials on the use of RF/microwave technology in interesting applications.

Microwave Journal covers all markets using RF/microwave technology, such as 5G, IoT, broadband, satellite communications, military systems and commercial radar. We publish articles describing the subsystems, components and technologies that make these applications possible: active antennas, amplifiers, oscillators, control components, semiconductors, passive components, cables and connectors, test and measurement and electronic design software tools.

Download Microwave Journal’s 2021 Editorial Calendar to see the theme of each issue during the year.

To Submit an Article

If you have an idea for an article, please email an abstract to Gary Lerude, technical editor, at glerude@mwjournal.com. The subject line of the email should say “Article Submission.”

If you have already written an article, please email it as a PDF file. No special format is required; however, please include the text, references and all figures. Articles will be reviewed by our Editorial Review Board (ERB) to determine our interest. The ERB considers the following:

  • The subject is relevant and of interest to Microwave Journal readers, i.e., it must clearly address a recognized industry need, and the solution must demonstrate a practical implementation.
  • Design articles contribute something “new” to the technical literature and don’t repeat prior work.
  • Design articles include both simulated and measured data, with any discrepancies explained.
  • Antenna articles include measured antenna patterns.
  • The article should be complete and clear.
  • The same article was not published in another publication.

Articles published in Microwave Journal typically run from 2,000 to 3,000 words and may include up to a dozen tables and figures (graphs, drawings, photographs) to help tell the story.

Microwave Journal’s Editorial Review Board

  • Frank Bashore
  • Cliff Drubin
  • Patrick Hindle
  • Harlan Howe
  • Gary Lerude
  • David Vye