Ideal for 5G FR2 research in the lab and base station deployment in the field

In order to build the best coverage at the lowest possible cost, mmW-Coverage solutions simulate gNB and UE with an SDR-based testbed and redistribute FR2 mmWave signals using XRifle Reflectors.

The XRifle Reflector allows for low-cost customization of mmWave signal distribution. By carefully arranging its eight reflectors with varied incidence and reflection angles, such as the ES0045 with an incidence angle of 0 degrees and a reflection angle of 45 degrees, the XRifle Reflector can instantly construct signal hot-zones and cold-zones and simulate actual mmWave deployment.

By redistributing mmWave signals to where they are most required, the eight regularly used reflection angles provided by the XRifle Reflector enable telecom and system integrators to increase coverage while minimizing the demand for additional mmWave base stations, hence lowering total price.

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