Featured for the first time at Autovation 2012 will be the RF Savvy Series, patent pending, Nona-band Radio Frequency (RF) Coupler from Alpha Micro Wireless. The high 10kV electrical isolation enables safe routing of the RF signal from the network interface card (NIC) or wireless modem to a remote external antenna via a bulk head RF connection in the meter base.

Coupler for RF MetersThe RF Savvy series Nona-band RF Coupler offers an ultra-low loss (less than 0. 5dB @915 MHz), extremely high electrical isolation (>10 kV) and operates universally over nine (9) frequency bands. RF input and output terminations are via gold plated 50 Ohm MMCX jack connectors for rugged and easy installation. The RF Coupler has been designed with a low profile (1.0mm) generic form factor suitable for use within the enclosure of most residential and commercial/industrial electric utility meters.

The RF Savvy series Nona-band RF Coupler can be retro-fitted to most utility meters or tailored for a custom fit to specific OEM applications. Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) wireless system integrators and utility meter manufacturers can choose to retro-fit a generic, 45 x 45 x 1 mm, version of this low-profile coupler into their SMART metering applications or contact usasales@alphamicro.net for a custom layout that meets their specific application needs.

Here is a complete White Paper about this product and its design "A Novel RF Coupler for SMART Utility Meter Remote Antenna Applications."