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Tech-X VSim Applications for Aerospace Webinar


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6/19/18 10:00 am EDT

Event Description

Join us for this webinar covering VSim, a computational application for simulating electromagnetics in the presence of complex structures and dynamical charged particles. VSim is available to HyperWorks users through the Altair Partner Alliance.

This talk focuses on three different application areas of the VSim product within aerospace environments:

  1. Multipacting, where one computes whether stray electrons at high EM powers can be amplified through secondary electron emission, ultimately leading to power loss and even breakdown.  This process can occur in waveguides or near antennas.  VSim has the unique advantage of being able to simulate multiple field powers at once to obtain multipacting bands. 
  2. Modeling of traveling wave tubes, which generate radiation for communication.  We show how modeling can be used to predict output power and unstable feedback.  Through use of parallelism, VSim is able to model these computationally large systems. 
  3. Satellite charging, where VSim, with its extensive array of collisional and surface processes, can predict surface charging and surface electric fields.  In each case, we will show what physical results can be obtained and how such results can be used in the design process.