MAGUS (Pty) Ltd., Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) and EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) (EMSS) Ltd. have released the third major version of Antenna Magus, which features an antenna knowledge management system especially designed for antenna engineers, enabling them to add their own custom antennas to the existing Antenna Magus database.

With version 3.0 the product database now boasts 148 antenna topologies and seven transitions which can be designed for a wide variety of objective values. Validated simulation models of user-designed antennas can be exported to FEKO® and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®.

Utilities and libraries that have been added to the Antenna Magus toolbox help simplify everyday antenna-design tasks. One addition is the new Chart Tracing tool that converts scanned graph images to numbered (X,Y) or (r,theta) values by simply following the traces with the mouse pointer.

“Soon after the first release of Antenna Magus we received numerous requests from customers who wanted to add their own antennas and designs to the Antenna Magus database. Having a tried and tested system that was already regularly used by our own engineers in developing content for our product, and having received valuable feedback from a group of selected users, we developed a way to store antenna information which makes sense to antenna engineers,” stated Sam Clarke, Managing Director, MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. “We are confident that this feature will not only improve the way antenna information is managed but will become the norm for any organization who wants to capture, reuse and share valuable knowledge efficiently.”