SHIPThe first Altair HyperWorks Units (HWU) enabled version of FEKO is now available on the Altair website.  HWU licencing will allow access to many Altair products, including the powerful HyperMesh pre-processor.

FEKO Suite 7.0.2 has major runtime and memory improvements for the Ray-Launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO) solver. This applies specifically to electrically huge problems.

Some of the new features include:

  • The RL-GO solver has been significantly improved with support for curvilinear triangles (better representation of the geometry gives more accuracy; fewer triangles needed to represent the geometry; includes ray divergence effects).
  • Drastic acceleration of the ray tracing phase through kD trees. Traditional ray-triangle intersection tests had a factor O(M x N) dependency whereas with kD trees this is O(M x log N), where M = no. of rays and N= no. of triangles.
  • Automatic ray launching algorithm where the density by which rays are shot into space is adjusted automatically based on the geometry (and also non-uniform, i.e. finer in some regions and coarser in others).
  • Significant memory and runtime improvements have been observed due to this. e.g. for a ship (at 181 angles) the runtime has been reduced from 1.2 hours to 9min and memory from 1.1GB to 281MB.
  • Another noteworthy extension is a faster SPAI pre-conditioner for MLFMM.

Many fixes and minor extensions have been done with this update.