EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd (EMSS) has announced the release of FEKO Suite 6.1, which is claimed to be packed with new features and comes with a completely revised version of CADFEKO. The main revision was aimed at improving the usability of the feature-packed user interface. This was done through the introduction of a ribbon style menu which reduces clutter and represents the typical workflow. Many CAD and meshing features have been added or extended.

The latest version of POSTFEKO will also allow users to export results directly to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF files. Advanced result-data manipulation can be done by means of a very powerful scripting language that has been integrated with the application.

The Numerical Green's Function domain decomposition decreases the run times for simulations where certain parts remain static while other parts move (e.g. rotating blades of a helicopter or the movement for optimal placement of an antenna on a large platform). For certain applications the Method of Moments (MoM) based Volume Equivalence Principle (VEP) is the preferred method to handle dielectric structures. This method has now been extended to use tetrahedral mesh elements making it much more generally applicable.

The introduction of a method to analyze cable bundles in a complex environment is heralded as the most significant and unique feature of Suite 6.1. With the common MTL method the cables need to run parallel and close to a continuous ground plane. With the new combined MoM/MTL method this restriction has been removed, allowing an arbitrary cable path and no restrictions, with no need for a ground plane. This will extend the current capabilities of EMC engineers to solve general complex cable problems.

Special extensions have been introduced to solve electromagnetic problems where the structure or the mesh elements are very small compared to the wavelength e.g. at extremely low frequencies. Finally, a comprehensive material library, catering for frequency dependence and several dielectric models (e.g. Debye, Cole-Cole) is available.

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