Antenna Magus and FEKO have joined forces to offer a new software solution aimed at engineers engaged in antenna design and antenna placement analysis. Antenna Magus offers a large searchable collection of antennas, which can be explored to find, synthesize and export antenna models.

The software solution is not intended to replace electromagnetic analysis tools like FEKO, but to compliment them and, indeed, Antenna Magus can export synthesized antennas as FEKO models. These models may then be further refined, customized, analyzed and optimized.

The combination of Antenna Magus and FEKO is said to be particularly beneficial when looking beyond the antenna itself, to the placement of antennas within their operating environment. This is due to the state-of-the-art methods available within FEKO to analyze electrically large structures, such as the MLFMM and hybrid asymptotic methods (MoM-PO, MoM-GO and MoM-UTD). This frees placement analysts from the detailed modeling of individual antennas, allowing them to focus more on the placement study and to save valuable development time in the process.