Magus (Pty) Ltd., CST - Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) and EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd. announced the release of a new software product to accelerate the antenna design and modelling process. Antenna Magus – the first antenna design tool of its kind – has a huge database of antennas that can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® and FEKO. It is expected that Antenna Magus will become an invaluable aid to antenna design engineers, to EMC engineers requiring antenna models and to system integrators who require antenna models for antenna placement studies.

About Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus is an expert system for antenna design that is suitable for a broad range of applications because of the number of antennas in its database. Its feature set is targeted at aiding engineers to get to the customisation phase of an antenna design quickly and reliably. Validated, parametric models of the initial design are exported seamlessly into FEKO or CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, where customisation can be done in tried-and-trusted analysis tools. Antenna Magus will expand both the number of antennas it can design and export, as well as in the number of analysis tools it interfaces with.

“Antenna Magus was created to fill a clearly identifiable need in the market,” observes Sam Clarke, Managing Director, Magus (Pty) Ltd. “The seamless integration with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and FEKO will create immediate benefit for all users, regardless of experience level with these tools or antenna design.”

Ulrich Jakobus, FEKO Product Manager, said, “The FEKO team is very excited about the partnership that has been set up with Antenna Magus. Antenna Magus will most definitely simplify the day-to-day work of antenna designers and modellers. We envisage that FEKO’s customers will benefit greatly from the use of Antenna Magus’s exported FEKO models while designing highly customized antennas and performing antenna placement studies.”

“We were impressed by the product idea which is completely new to the market,” commented Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, CST. “We entered into this partnership with Magus Pty because this concept helps engineers at an early stage of their design with a comprehensive overview of literature, general properties, and first approximate results. It’s a great time-saver for almost everyone who deals with antennas and integrates well into the design flow offered by CST STUDIO SUITE.”

Antenna Magus will be available immediately through all vendors of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and FEKO.