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 Antenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be searched to find, design and export models of designed antennas to FEKO. Antenna Magus is a software tool that helps antenna engineers accelerate the design process. 

It is suitable for a broad range of applications, because of the large number of antennas in its database which can all be designed to user specifications by Antenna Magus. Its feature set is targeted at aiding engineers to get to the customization phase of an antenna design quickly and reliably. Validated, parametric models of the initial design are exported seamlessly into FEKO where customization and optimization can be done. 

These features simplify the day-to-day work of antenna designers and engineers that create electromagnetic models, ensuring that projects are completed within specification and on time. The combination of Antenna Magus with FEKO also provides a powerful solution for antenna placement analysis. 

Representative models obtained from Antenna Magus can easily be placed onto a platform in FEKO, for comprehensive performance analysis of the antenna in its operating environment. 

Antenna Magus Features


• Huge searchable database of antennas that is continually growing;

• Database is regularly updated with new antennas so that users can be confident that a wide range of antennas are considered;

• Information is provided in a standardized format to simplify the comparison of different antennas;

• Quick summary as well as detailed information about each antenna. 


• Antennas are designed to meet user requirements;

• Thoroughly tested design algorithms ensure that resulting designs meet specified criteria;

• Proportional 3D preview images and simple 2D design drawings of each designed antenna helps identify manufacturing challenges. Estimate Performance

• Predict performance of designed antennas;

• Applicable performance graphs are displayed, e.g.

S-parameters, VSWR, Gain, Impedance, Pattern cuts, Smith charts;

• Make small adjustments to physical dimensions and re-analyze to learn about the relationship between physical dimensions and antenna performance;

• Easily compare performance results of various adjusted designs on a single graph. 


• Easily and instantly generate FEKO models of your designs;

• FEKO models have been validated and are “ready-to-run”;

• Various useful export options, using the latest, most efficient simulation methods in FEKO.