Antenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be explored to find, design and export models of the designed antennas to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®.

May 1, 2009

Antenna Magus is a new software tool to help engineers accelerate the antenna design and modelling process. It has a huge database of designed antennas which can be exported to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® for further analysis and optimization. This simplifies the day-to-day work of antenna designers and modellers ensuring that more projects are completed within specification and on time.

Antenna Magus offers an extensive database of antennas which is easily searchable. It not only highlights the unique characteristics of an antenna, but also gives other general information. This helps engineers find and select antennas according to given requirements as well as compare relevant information between antennas.

Its feature set is targeted at aiding engineers to get to the customisation phase of an antenna design quickly and reliably. Validated, parametric models of the initial design are exported seamlessly into CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, where in-depth analysis and optimization can be performed.

It is expected that Antenna Magus will become an invaluable aid to antenna design engineers, to EMC engineers requiring antenna models and to system integrators who require antenna models for antenna placement studies.

More information about Antenna Magus can be found