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SPINNER EasyDock and Articulated Lines Enable Automated RF Testing

SPINNER EasyDock Business Considerations

SPINNER EasyDock Test Cases Featuring 4.3-10, 7-16 and PIM

SPINNER RF Articulated Lines Contra RF Test Cables

SPINNER EasyDock -- RF Push-Pull Adaptor --

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Spinner_plattform_Ethernet_powerlinkSPINNER GmbH offers its customers the latest developments in the field of rotating, contactless signal and data transmission by means of capacitive rotary transmitters. Compared to solutions with slip rings, these rotary transmitters are independent of the rotational speed and are maintenance-free. Possible applications can be found in industrial plant engineering, stage engineering, in wind power plants right through to non-destructive material testing systems.

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Rotary Joints for SatCom Applications

Modern mobile satellite communication systems provide bidirectional broadband network access for moving ground, maritime and airborne terminals. Applications enabled by mobile SatCom systems include broadband Internet access, video conferencing and data transmission. Currently such systems—commonly called SatCom on-the-move—are being introduced on a large scale all over the world for...Read more

Low PIM Test Load

SPINNER developed a  universal load that  is more universal and  better than everything else that has been available.

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Splitters Available for 5G

SPINNER broadband splitters and tappers cover the entire frequency range from 350 to 3800 MHz and reliably distribute all frequency bands from PMR to 5G.

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S-Band Rotary Joints

SPINNER has expanded its range of rotary joints for space, primarily for antenna pointing mechanisms, by developing S-Band units. These S-Band rotary joints handle average power to 10 W, with a maximum VSWR of 1.15 and a maximum VSWR variation with rotation of 0.05. 

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EasyDock - Even Better

The SPINNER EasyDock is a highly precise adaptor that automatically compensates for shifts in all three dimensions for measuring passive intermodulation (PIM) and VSWR. As soon as docking is complete, measurements can take place under ideal electrical and mechanical conditions.When the first SPINNER EasyDock was developed, no one expected it to be such a resounding success. And now there are three different bestselling versions. There are also two lockable versions: one for fully automatic locking and the other for manual locking.

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Customized Loads and Attenuators

Gruppe-Load-1The company’s new loads and attenuators can be combined to meet specific customer requirements. The customer chooses which connector systems are to be installed and the power to be absorbed. In addition they can define the attenuation for the attenuators and if required, an integrated DC break. The product is ordered using the respective sales article numbers then the individual product is assembled and delivered – without a surcharge.

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Customized Jumpers

Spinner_customized_jumpersWith SPINNER you select exactly the jumpers that you need. You decide on the types and lengths of the cables and pick out the connectors. A few days later, you receive a package containing exactly what you ordered. Every mobile communication network is structured the same way. But the equipment and local conditions vary from site to site. To make sure it works well, the prerequisites include technically excellent products, short paths, and no unnecessary transitions (to reduce PIM).

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Low PIM Switch


The SPINNER low PIM switch - a double-pole, double-throw switch has revolutionized equipment testing. It lets you tap potentially enormous savings on the order of about 90% compared to conventional methods. If you want to use a switch in a calibrated test system and need it to keep working perfectly through hundreds of thousands of cycles without requiring any maintenance, there is really only one choice: the SPINNER low PIM switch.

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Low PIM DC Breaks

Gruppe_DC_BreaksSPINNER has introduced a new family of low PIM DC-breaks. Built with outdoor protection IP 67 these DC breaks are extremely durable, even under tough environmental conditions. With a broad frequency range of 380 to 2,700 MHz, -160 dBc IM3 and with separated inner and outer conductor, most mobile communication scenarios are featured. To make them a solution for today and tomorrow they are built with 4.3-10, 7-16 and N interfaces.

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Low PIM Switch for T&M

Low PIM Switch for T&MThe saving potential of SPINNER’s low PIM switches in RF testing environments is immense. They spare you the hassle of undocking and re-docking measurement cables when performing different measurements on the same DUT. Technically speaking, these are DPDT switches with two parallel-switching inputs and outputs. They are available with 7-16 and 4.3-10 connectors and specified for -165 dBc (typ. -170 dBc).

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Air Traffic Control Rotary Joints Catalogue

SPINNER CATALOG 1-web2015The new second edition of SPINNER’s Air Traffic Control Rotary Joints catalogue covers all rotary joints for civil and military ATC radars. This edition reflects the latest developments for this demanding market with high reliability.  Starting from 3 channels up to 9 channels, S and L-Band solutions are available from Europe’s leading system house of rotary joints.  Customized solutions used for ATC Radar applications can be made available on short notice.

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Adjustable Low PIM Attenuator

SPINNER_Low_PIM_AttenuatorSPINNER’s low PIM attenuator reduces cost by ensuring much more flexibility during installation processes. The low PIM attenuator can be adjusted between 15 and 30 dB and performs with -160 dBc/-165 dBc in mobile carrier frequencies. First DAS outdoor installations have proven to save up to 90% of time during power adjustment. Site and in-building installations will be much faster and more efficient due to the flexibility provided by SPINNER’s low PIM attenuator.

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EasySnake – Dielectric Waveguide for MM- and Sub-MM-Wave

product_EasySnakeDue to its innovative design, the dielectric waveguide SPINNER EasySnake combines the flexibility of a conventional RF test cable with the excellent low-loss transmission characteristics of a classic waveguide system, initially for the frequency range from 75 to 110 GHz. The extraordinary appearance of the SPINNER EasySnake catches the eye, as the waveguide is composed of individual jointed segments that allow free movement of the line.

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Rotary Joints

Spinner rotary jointIn order to provide equipment manufacturers with rotary joints tailored to the specific requirements of fixed and mobile SatCom systems, Spinner has developed two new rotary joint product families - single channel waveguide rotary joints for Ku-Band, and dual-channel coaxial rotary joints, which are suitable for Ku-Band and intermediate frequency applications.

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European Microwave Week

United Kingdom
10/4/16 to 10/6/16

The 19th European Microwave Exhibition is the largest trade show dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe.

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SPS IPC Drives

11/22/16 to 11/24/16

Europe’s leading exhibition for Electronic Automation - Systems and Components.

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World ATM Congress

3/7/17 to 3/9/17


3/23/17 to 3/25/17


Washington DC
United States
4/6/17 to 3/9/17


4/20/17 to 4/21/17

NAB Show

Las Vegas
United States
4/24/17 to 4/27/17

OTC 2017

United States
5/1/17 to 5/4/17

SMART Automation Austria

5/16/17 to 5/18/17


5/23/17 to 5/25/17

89th ARFTG

Honolulu, HI
United States

Laser World of Photonics

6/26/17 to 6/29/17


9/15/17 to 9/19/17

European Microwave Week

10/10/17 to 10/12/17

China Satellite

10/25/17 to 10/27/17

SPS IPC Drives

11/28/17 to 11/30/17


12/12/17 to 12/16/17


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Flexibly Configure Your Loads and Attenuators

Have you ever wanted to flexibly configure your loads and attenuators to make them a perfect fit for your projects? SPINNER loads and attenuators can be easily customized in three steps. First select the power that needs to be absorbed, then choose the connector interface(s) and attenuation―and you’re done! Extra features such as an extended frequency range, recording of measurements, or an integrated DC break can be optionally selected. This video presents the available options. Use our sales article numbers to flexibly configure your product.


SPINNER EasyLaunch: PCB Adaptors for Millimeter Wave

The flexible, soft-launch PCB adapter SPINNER EasyLaunch is mounted flush with the printed circuit board (PCB) surface and ensures excellent RF performance, even with multiple launches. This technology permits variable positioning of the connectors everywhere at the board, maximizes flexibility for placing RF contacts and enable a more compact board design. Conventional solutions either limit the range of possible PCB layouts or reduce RF performance.