UntitledSPINNER provides after sales service to manage the frequency changes induced by 700 MHz clearance projects and supplies premium quality multi channel combiners and also offers excellent after sales service


The frequency range available for TV broadcasting is being reduced to 470 to 700 MHz (originally 470 to 860 MHz) to clear spectrum for mobile communication services and all TV channels above 700 MHz must be shifted.

This requires significant modifications and upgrades of the existing multi-channel combiners, because they have to handle old and new channels simultaneous to allow switching of the whole network in one night.

The scenarios become more complicated when the channel allocation has to be agreed with neighboring countries having a different time schedule for the 700 MHz clearance.

The following example shows a station which must operate 12 different channels in a period of 2 years:

To guarantee safe operation at any time many aspects need to be considered when planning the modifications:

  • power handling of existing components
  • frequency spacing between old and new channels – are there adjacent channels?
  • space limitations
  • availability of manpower
  • cost minimisation

SPINNER supplies premium quality multi channels combiners and also offers excellent after sales service:

  • experienced engineers to plan the modifications
  • experienced tuning and commissioning engineers for onsite works
  • experienced installation teams

The planning of modifications can be done without site surveys using detailed documentation prepared in the factory.
The SPINNER staff does everything possible to assist the customers, even in unusual situations.

On one project shortly before switchover date, a customer realized that his own plan for frequency changes would not work and asked SPINNER for help. SPINNER planned, manufactured, installed and commissioned the necessary upgrade within 2 weeks from the first notice. 

Combiner configurations at example station for 700 MHz clearance:

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