S-Band Rotary Joints

SPINNER has expanded its range of rotary joints for space, primarily for antenna pointing mechanisms, by developing S-Band units. These S-Band rotary joints handle average power to 10 W, with a maximum VSWR of 1.15 and a maximum VSWR variation with rotation of 0.05. 

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EasyDock - Even Better

The SPINNER EasyDock is a highly precise adaptor that automatically compensates for shifts in all three dimensions for measuring passive intermodulation (PIM) and VSWR. As soon as docking is complete, measurements can take place under ideal electrical and mechanical conditions.When the first SPINNER EasyDock was developed, no one expected it to be such a resounding success. And now there are three different bestselling versions. There are also two lockable versions: one for fully automatic locking and the other for manual locking.

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Customized Loads and Attenuators

Gruppe-Load-1The company’s new loads and attenuators can be combined to meet specific customer requirements. The customer chooses which connector systems are to be installed and the power to be absorbed. In addition they can define the attenuation for the attenuators and if required, an integrated DC break. The product is ordered using the respective sales article numbers then the individual product is assembled and delivered – without a surcharge.

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Low PIM Switch


The SPINNER low PIM switch - a double-pole, double-throw switch has revolutionized equipment testing. It lets you tap potentially enormous savings on the order of about 90% compared to conventional methods. If you want to use a switch in a calibrated test system and need it to keep working perfectly through hundreds of thousands of cycles without requiring any maintenance, there is really only one choice: the SPINNER low PIM switch.

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