Antennas need to meet a host of technical requirements. And apart from that, there are two things they absolutely need to do: deliver good signals and be inconspicuous. We have therefore chosen three technically different all-purpose and panel designs: two for ceilings and one for wall mounting.

Of course, SPINNER wouldn’t be SPINNER if we didn’t also pay close attention to the technology and cost-effectiveness of our solutions. The antennas we are now launching to supplement our DAS portfolio cover mobile communication bands from 380 MHz all the way to six GHz.

“We wanted to craft a well-balanced portfolio,” says Stefan Widmann, product manager for antennas at SPINNER. “So in addition to offering SISO and MIMO antennas, we knew it was vital to cover as wide a range of frequency bands as possible. Our goal was to give customers a complete solution from one source that puts not only the classic mobile frequencies at their fingertips, but also PMR/TETRA, 5G and Wi-Fi.”

Our antennas therefore also complement our other broadband components, like splitters and tappers. They make it possible to distribute services including PMR/TETRA and 5G in buildings via a single DAS. At the end of the day, the use of our versatile components generates major savings. When unsuitable components have to be replaced later, the associated installation costs are typically many times those of the hardware itself. That’s why we have designed our system to be both cost efficient and reliable.

All SPINNER antennas feature the 4.3-10 connector system. In conjunction with the other low-PIM components of our DAS portfolio, they ensure fault-free operation with maximum bandwidth. And a technically sound system is naturally also a cost-effective one.

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