SPINNER is ready for the future with its new BN 766440 surge protector. This product meets all major requirements for today’s and tomorrow’s mobile communication market.

The Future is Already Installed.

Our new surge protector isn’t just an older model that’s been given a facelift. It’s a radically new design. Here are the main ways in which it excels:

Frequencies up to 3,800 MHz

Everyone’s talking about 5G, but most surge protectors don’t support it yet. Our new products work with a frequency range from 694 to 3,800 MHz, making it ideally suited for 5G.


Mobile technology is steadily gaining more frequencies, making low-PIM products more important than ever before. In the past, surge protection devices have tended to hang back. But ours accepts the challenge and masters it with bravado.

Integrated DC block

Surge protectors are often installed in environments with high induced currents. For this reason, we have equipped our new product with an integrated DC block. This makes it the preferred solution in train tunnels. Our first prototypes have already performed excellently in these environments.

4.3-10 plug connectors

These have been standard for years, but unfortunately they haven’t yet made it into all surge protectors. We’ve been developing new products based on the 4.3-10 standard since 2014, so it was a matter of course for us to integrate it into this new product.

Starting immediately, you can purchase our lambda/4-based surge protector by specifying order no. BN 766440. You’ll find the data sheet in our Product Finder.