Spinner_customized_jumpersCream Topped with Whipped Cream, Please! - Customized Jumpers from SPINNER

At an ice cream stand, we order exactly what we want. We choose the flavors, say whether we want it in a cone or cup, specify any extras we’re in the mood for, like whipped cream or chocolate sprinkles on top, and a minute later we can start enjoying our sweet snack.
It works the same way with SPINNER. You select exactly the jumpers that you need. You decide on the types and lengths of the cables and pick out the connectors. And a few days later, you receive a package containing exactly what you ordered.

Every mobile communication network is structured the same way. But the equipment and local conditions vary from site to site. In order to efficiently install a mobile base station, as few individual components as possible should be required. To make sure it works well, the prerequisites include technically excellent products, short paths, and no unnecessary transitions (to reduce PIM).

The powered components, like transceivers and antennas, are usually prescribed, and so are the interfaces that need to be connected. But there are different ways to go about this.

The supposedly most flexible option is to custom-install everything on-site. The downside is that it is also the most expensive and riskiest one. You determine the required cable lengths and terminate them with the right connectors. Everything fits exactly, but installation takes more time and there is a certain risk of making mistakes when attaching the connectors.

The second approach is to load a standard set of jumpers and drive out to the site with it. You use adapters to deal with any incompatible connectors. This calls for additional components, and the cables may be too long or too short.

The fastest, most cost-effective, and technically best solution, however, is to use customized jumpers. You identify the required cable types, lengths, and plug connectors and order them using configurable SPINNER sales article numbers. We then professionally assemble the specified jumpers using automated equipment to ensure excellent technical properties and quickly dispatch them to you. 

These are still early days for 4.3-10, so many products are still available with conventional 7-16 or N couplers in addition to the new 4.3-10 connector systems. Customized jumpers can yield especially great benefits in this situation. SPINNER stocks all popular 4.3-10 plug connectors for all cable types and can quickly configure and supply exactly the jumpers you need.

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