OSLT Calibration Kits with Extended Frequency Range

The new Open, Short, Load, Through (OSLT) calibration kits from SPINNER are configured for an extended frequency range and expand the company’s test and measurement portfolio.

These 4-in-1 kits are developed for frequency ranges from DC to 18 GHz (BN 533879, BN 533880) and DC to 26.5 GHz (BN 533881, BN 533882). This upgrade guarantees optimized calibration accuracy of vector network analyzers (VNA) and enables the product range to address the emerging trend for handheld devices that can be used at higher frequencies.

The product line of compact calibration kits combines all standards needed in one cleverly designed body. This means that Open and Short circuits, a Load and a Through can achieve complete calibration of a VNA with two or more ports utilising the OSLT method. The attractive and handy design and the ergonomic arrangement of the standards as well as its size and light weight makes the OSLT calibration kits suitable for applications in the area of production or in laboratories and science facilities. As opposed to single calibration standards in suitcases, the standards in the fixed central housing are captive, which is particularly of interest when using the kits in the field.

The new highly precise compact kits are available as OSLT versions with gold-plated male or female connections for N and 3.5 mm plug connectors. Both frequency ranges have a 50 Ω impedance and the loads have a maximum power rating of 0.5 W. These 4-in-1 versions are delivered with global calibration coefficients. The names of the standards are engraved on the central housing so that they can be identified easily.

SPINNER can also modify the design to particular customer specifications.

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