product_EasySnakeExperience newfound flexibility in your mm-wave measurements

Due to its innovative design the dielectric waveguide SPINNER EasySnake combines the flexibility of a con­ventional RF test cable with the excellent low-loss trans­mission characteristics of a classic waveguide system, initially for the frequency range from 75 to 110 GHz.

The extraordinary appearance of the SPINNER EasyS­nake catches the eye, as the waveguide is composed of individual jointed segments that allow free move­ment of the line, similar to that of a coaxial measure­ment cable. These segments contain and center a dielectric ribbon and protect it against external forces and environmental influences. An over-stretching or an over-flexing of the waveguide is prevented by the ela­borate mechanical design of the segments.


  • dielectric waveguide supported by unique tubular segments
  • flexible, i.e. bendable and twistable
  • flex-stable, i.e. keeps chosen bending geometry
  • built-in transitions from dielectric to rectangular w/g
  • insertion loss outperforms any coaxial cable and single-mode metallic waveguide
  • excellent amplitude stability with flexure and temperature change
  • length configurable in steps of 25 mm
  • mechanically protected and electrically shielded
  • high voltage decoupled waveguide transitions


  • general test bench use
  • network analysis (S-parameter measurement)
  • near field scanning
  • on-wafer probing
  • enviromental chamber and vibration testing