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EMC Technology introduces CVD diamond heat spreaders

Following the success of the Diamond RF Resistives® product range, EMC Technology now offers CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders designed to meet today’s demanding requirements for higher power and longer life spans by keeping junction temperatures low and stable. CVD Diamond provides up to 8x the thermal conductivity of traditional materials like AlN and BeO.

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Florida RF Labs introduces Lab-Flex AF for harsh environments

Lab-Flex® AF, a modified version of the popular Lab-Flex series is now available from Florida RF Labs. This new family of cables has been enhanced to perform in typical harsh environments associated with airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications. Florida RF Labs proprietary cable assembly design utilizes a redundant sealing system to prevent water ingress in both cable and connector interfaces and it employs a very durable dielectric design which is able to withstand crushing or kinking.

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Florida RF Labs introduces broadband resistive power dividers

Florida RF Labs has added broadband resistive power dividers to the HybriX® line of signal distribution products. The new RPD series offers significant advantages over on-board multi-resistor design by providing excellent broadband frequency response, highly repeatable performance, and streamlined assembly process in a monolithic surface-mountable chip package.

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EMC Technology introduces temperature variable chip attenuator

EMC Technology has introduced another cost effective solution for temperature compensation in an SMT planar style, the AN11 series. This ultra mini Thermopad® offers the smallest 0402 package size for temperature variable attenuators in the industry. The AN11 series is perfect for hand held devices and instruments, pico base stations and more. With excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz the AN11 series handles 100mW of input power, requires no bias or control voltages and generates zero distortion.

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Diamond Rf™ Resistives: The Answer to High Power and Low Capacitance

A single 0402 resistor, manufactured on a CVD diamond substrate, can dissipate 20 W of continuous electrical energy and 200 W of pulsed energy. This provides great flexibility to the design engineer, who is continually asked to reduce size and increase...
The technology in this article is used in the high power Diamond Rf™ Resistives—resistors, terminations and attenuators—from EMC Technology. These components demonstrate excellent electrical and thermal performance due to the high thermal conductivity of the CVD diamond substrate material, which results in a component size reduction for a given...Read more

Low-Loss Wideband Couplers: WH0530TF/WH1727F

WH0530TF    WH1727FEMC Technology, a global power house in RF/microwave resistives and signal distribution passive components, has released a new series of low-loss wideband hybrid couplers. The innovative HybriX® signal distribution product family, WH0530TF and WH1727F are the flagships of the new wideband hybrid coupler series. 

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Lab-Flex® AF Cables

PR - Lab Flex-AFLab-Flex® AF, a modified version of the popular Lab-Flex® series, is now available from Florida RF Labs. This new family of cables has been enhanced to perform in typical harsh environments associated with airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications.

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Lab-Flex® 100 & 125

50GHzRFcablesFlorida RF Labs has expanded its popular Lab-Flex® family of cable assemblies to include 2 new 50 GHz designs, Lab-Flex® 100 & 125. These RF cables contain all of the mechanical and electrical characteristics that have become the standard of excellence for our high performance cable assembly products.

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Conductor Cables Lab-Flex® S

Lab-Flex-SFlorida RF Labs has expanded its line of stranded center conductor cables Lab-Flex® S, a modified version of the Lab-Flex® high performance flexible cable assemblies.  Lab-Flex®  S cables offer higher flexure rates and durability than solid center conductor designs. They are especially well-suited for test set-ups in addition to radar and antenna systems applications requiring flexible coaxial interconnects that are subjected to constant motion. 

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0805-Styled Hybrid Couplers: HVx3F Series

3503Florida RF Labs has expanded the HybriX® coupler product line with the introduction of new 0805-styled hybrid couplers.  Built with advanced low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC), the HVx3F series outperform existing miniature couplers in operating temperature range and power handling.

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Coaxial Attenuator: 42WXX.XXF

Attenuator42WXX.XXFEMC Technology introduces a new higher frequency coaxial attenuator. The 42 W series of high performance, precision SMA coaxial fixed attenuators expands EMC Technology’s current offering of SMA coaxial products out to 18 GHz. This product is also REACH, RoHS and DFARS compliant.

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EMC Power Sensing Terminations (PST) – Smart Load®

SmartLoadsTrue RMS power detection from DC to 6 GHz. The Smart Load can be used in closed loop applications for power and fault detection as well as in feedback loops as a VSWR detector. 3 varieties are available with different response times and sensitivity levels.

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Conformable® Cable Assemblies

ConformableCableThe Conformable® BJ cable family offers the option of a hand-formable replacement to Semi-Rigid cable with only a slight isolation and Insertion Loss penalty. Florida RF Labs hand-formable cable assemblies come with a metal foil under the copper-tin composite shield for added connector strength and improved performance.

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83A7038F Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Attenuator

83A7038F_200Florida RF Labs, a leading manufacturer of high power attenuators, terminations, resistors and coaxial cable assemblies announces the release of the 83A7038F surface mount technology (SMT) attenuator. The 83A7038F SMT attenuator operates from DC to 6 GHz and provides excellent impedance match in the entire frequency band.

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33A1054F and 33A1055F Flange Mount Attenuators

33A10545_100Florida RF Labs, a leading manufacturer of high power attenuators, terminations, and resistors, announces the availability of the 33A1054F and 33A1055F flange mount attenuators. These new attenuators are specifically designed for use in RF & Microwave circuits with high peak power requirements.

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Chip, Tab & Cover, Flanged, Stripline Flange, Coaxial and Coaxial Remote Terminations
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For special requirements including military retro-fit applications.
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AN7 Variable Attenuator

AN7_100EMC Technology introduces a new solution for temperature compensation, the AN7, an SMT planar style chip design. This new AN7 offers a small 0805 package size for TVA line and has excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz. The AN7 is suitable for high volume, pick & place and targeted for Telecom and WiMAX applications.

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42XXF Coaxial Attenuator

coaxial_attenuator42XXF100The 42XXF is a high performance, precision SMA coaxial attenuator value priced for high volume applications. This new and improved version of the 42XX series of SMA coaxial attenuators is, in EMC tradition, offered in commercial or high reliability versions for a wide range of applications.

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Low-loss Cable Assemblies

LowLossCableLow-loss, stranded center conductor cables are specifically designed for applications where durability over repeated flexure is important. They are especially well-suited for test set-ups as well as radar and antenna systems that require flexible coaxial interconnects that are subjected to constant motion.

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X-Band Hybrid Coupler: HPX2F

XbandHybridCoupFlorida RF Labs has expanded the HybriX® coupler product line with the introduction of a new X-band hybrid coupler, HPX2F. With operating frequency of 8 to 12 GHz, HPX2F is the world’s first multi-layered PTFE coupler designed for X-band applications including satellite, radar, point-to-point radio, and telemetry.

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Termination 32M7200F

Term32M7200FFlorida RF Labs has introduced a high performance, flange mounted, 800 W termination. The 32M7200F offers outstanding performance and low VSWR and the convenience of bolt on installation. This termination has been optimized for performance in the DC-0.5 GHz frequency range.

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DouplerTM Integrated Hybrid Combiner

Doupler-tmHybridCombinerFlorida RF Labs has introduced a new and innovative solution for power combining and monitoring. The Doupler™ is a hybrid coupler and directional coupler integrated within a single SMT package. This novel approach brings together the benefits of reduced component count, lower insertion loss, and minimized PCB footprint.

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CVD Diamond High Power Resistors and Terminations

Commonly used substrates for high power resistors and terminations are Beryllia, Aluminum Nitride, and to alesser extent, Boron Nitride and Silicon Carbide. While these materials are known for their superior thermal properties, none of them come even close to matching the thermal conductivity of CVD Diamond.