July 2009

Florida RF Labs/EMC Technology introduces the Modelithics measurement-based Global Model for the Surface Mount Chip (SMT) Equalizer family. The Model was specifically designed for use in Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) and AWR Microwave Office high frequency design software and is available as part of the Modelithics System Level Component Library (SCL™).

These S-parameter based models represent typical component performance on a 13.3 mil thick Rogers 4350 substrate. The Modelithics model datasheet details the reference planes and associated layout.

Florida RF Labs/EMC Technology’s miniature SMT equalizers (0.130 sq in, 3.30 sq mm) offer linear broadband frequency slopes available between 1.0 and 3.0 dB with start and stop bands from 2 GHz to 15.0 GHz respectively. The device architecture can be scaled in both amplitude and frequency to create equalization slopes matched to customers’ unique requirements.

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