XbandHybridCoupFlorida RF Labs has expanded the HybriX® coupler product line with the introduction of a new X-band hybrid coupler, HPX2F. With operating frequency of 8 to 12 GHz, HPX2F is the world’s first multi-layered PTFE coupler designed for X-band applications including satellite, radar, point-to-point radio, and telemetry.

HPX2F offers low insertion loss, excellent amplitude balance, and high isolation in a surface-mountable package measuring only .250” x .200”. The multi-layered PTFE construction is thermally stable and compatible with common PWB materials. Optimal circuit performance is easily achievable when using HPX2F with our Diamond Rf™ Resistives X-band terminations.

As with other Hybrix® couplers, HPX2F is available in both RoHS-compliant and tin-lead plating. HPX2F can be ordered with a space-level qualification test package that includes a true multipaction test performed at atmospheric pressure of 10-5 torr or lower.

HPX2F is delivered in tape and reel packaging for ease of use in pick-and-place assembly. Data sheet and evaluation board are available upon request.

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