Wide Band Temperature Variable Attenuator Design Kit (WTVA-DKIT)

EMC Technology introduces a new wideband temperature variable attenuator design kit optimized for performance from DC to 20 GHz. Using EMC’s Thermopad technology, the WTVA-DKIT offers a solution for design engineers with broadband and thermal challenges including optimal temperature coefficients of attenuation (TCA) at frequencies from 12.4 GHz up to 20 GHz. The WTVA has been noted for its excellent performance and small size, measuring only 0.075” X 0.060” (1.90 mm X 1.52mm). These devices have wire bondable gold terminals. The kit contains values from 2 to 6 dB and negative coefficients slopes of 0.006.

The kit is priced at $295 and includes 5 pieces of each of the following items:

For more information about the WTVA-DKIT please contact the factory, and ask for a copy of our data sheet (number 1011875). These design kits are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.