EMC Technology introduces an entire line of new surface mount chip and coaxial equalizers designed to compensate frequency variations in RF and microwave sub-systems. These equalizers are available in a fixed frequency response version and a temperature variable frequency response. In addition, EMC can develop custom variations specific to the frequency band and temperature slope characteristics of a customer’s application. All EMC equalizers are available with both negative and positive slope coefficients. The CE chip equalizer, (1.30 sq in, 3.30 sq mm) offers linear broadband fixed slope frequency compensation from 2 to 18 GHz in 1 to 4 dB values. EMC also offers the TVE, a temperature variable equalizer in the same 1.30 sq package size in various compensation and temperature coefficients from 2 to 18 GHz and a temperature range from -55 to +125°C. The CE and TVE chip equalizers are also available in a coaxial body (42CE and 42TVE) with an SMA plug to SMA jack interface and frequency compensation from 2 to 8 GHz. The EMC equalizers use an all passive construction designed to specifically offset amplitude variations, which result from mismatched discrete components, materials and signal channel effects. These equalizers have an internally matched network offering an advantage over other varieties of frequency equalizers that use a pass through element only resulting in poor VSWR and non-linear variations. Active element frequency response equalizers drift over time and react with radiation effects. EMC’s all passive design eliminates these effects offering high reliability and stable response over the life of the device making them the preferred design for military and space applications. EMC’s TVE equalizer offers temperature compensation in combination with amplitude equalization, which is simply unavailable anywhere else. For a customized equalizer to flatten the frequency response curves of your specific application, contact an application engineer at EMC Technology to further discuss your specific requirements. The EMC equalizer can be specialized for various bandwidths as well as specific temperature variations. Furthermore, this functionality can be combined with other passive components on a single substrate to save space and optimize the response to and between other components. In system level applications that require frequency equalization, the coaxial equalizer can be used at the input or output port of any sub-system box for compensating the effects of system to system interconnect cable assemblies. Visit us on the web at emct.com for more information, application notes, and specification control drawings on all of the EMC Technology chip and coaxial frequency and temperature variable equalizers. These equalizers are patent pending and available now.