Florida RF Labs introduces Lab-Flex AF for harsh environments

Lab-Flex® AF, a modified version of the popular Lab-Flex series is now available from Florida RF Labs. This new family of cables has been enhanced to perform in typical harsh environments associated with airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications. Florida RF Labs proprietary cable assembly design utilizes a redundant sealing system to prevent water ingress in both cable and connector interfaces and it employs a very durable dielectric design which is able to withstand crushing or kinking.

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Temperature Sensing Terminations

This month's cover features temperature sensing terminations that combine high performance RF terminations and RF sensors in one package
Temperature Sensing Terminations Florida RF Labs Inc. Stuart, FL In normal operation, most terminations never see high power. They terminate circulators and couplers, which in normal operation transmit little or no power to the termination. Whenever power is being dissipated in a termination, it is usually a sign that...
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