EMC Technology introduces a new high frequency, wire bondable chip attenuator, KFA. Designed with the KTVA footprint in mind this component offers a flat attenuation from 16-36 GHz. The KFA chip attenuator can handle 250mW and is available in 1 -10 dB with an operating temperature from -55 to +150 ºC. The KFA is also available for high-reliability applications under the HRKFA part number with Group A, B and C life testing according to Mil-PRF-55342. This new attenuator is available with gold wire bondable terminals and a platinum silver, solder attachable ground plane in an ultra miniature chip size 0.065 x 0.120 inches (1.65mm x 3.05mm). The KFA ultra broadband attenuator is available for immediate delivery.

“Once again, EMC Technology has introduced a resistive solution to mitigate flatness issues associated with gain variations of broadband MMICs in high frequency amplifier designs up to Ka band”, David Bernstein, President.

For more information about the KFA or the HRKFA please contact the factory, and ask for a copy of our data sheet. KFAXX.00-5 [1011765].