EMC Technology Introduces New High Frequency Ultra Broadband Attenuator Design Kit.

EMC Technology introduces a new ultra broadband, wire bondable chip attenuator kit, K-BAND-DKIT. Designed with high frequency in mind, this kit offers a complete selection of wire bondable attenuators both fixed (KFA) and temperature variable (KTVA).

The products included in the kit operate effectively in the 16-36 GHz frequency range. This is the perfect design kit for the high frequency customer and provides an ample amount of both fixed and temperature compensating attenuators to complete most designs. The K series attenuator product can handle up to 200mW and is available in many dB values with an operating temperature range from -55 to +150 ºC.

These attenuators are supplied with gold wire bondable terminals and a platinum silver, solderable ground plane in an ultra miniature chip size 0.065” x 0.120” (1.65mm x 3.05mm).

The kit is priced at $795 and includes 10 pieces of each of the following components:

Fixed Version (1-10dB)
KFA00.00-5 KFA01.00-5 KFA02.00-5 KFA03.00-5 KFA04.00-5 KFA05.00-5 KFA06.00-5 KFA07.00-5 KFA08.00-5 KFA09.00-5 KFA10.00-5

Temperature Variable Version (2-6 dB) Various Shifts
KTVA0200N055 KTVA0300N075 KTVA0400N065 KTVA0500N055 KTVA0600N075

For more information about the K-BAND-DKIT please contact the factory, and ask for a copy of our data sheet (number 1011865).