coaxial_attenuator42XXF100The 42XXF is a high performance, precision SMA coaxial attenuator value priced for high volume applications. This new and improved version of the 42XX series of SMA coaxial attenuators is, in EMC tradition, offered in commercial or high reliability versions for a wide range of applications. EMC coaxial attenuators are manufactured with a stainless steel body and a standard SMA male/female interface, and are smaller and lighter weight than those currently on the market.

The rugged construction of this device ensures reliability and continuous performance in the most demanding environments. This product is available in values from 0 to 20 dB in one dB increments and up to a maximum frequency range of 12.4 GHz. EMC Technology has a long history of providing innovative solutions for the commercial, military, and space markets.

For more information on the 42XXF series, or to request samples or a custom design kit, please visit the company’s website or contact David Raymond +1 772 600-1360 or the Sales Department at +1 772 600 1620.

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