LowLossCableFlorida RF Labs has introduced a new line of low-loss, stranded center conductor cables: Lab-Flex S.

These flexible cables are specifically designed for applications where durability over repeated flexure is important. They are especially well-suited for test set-ups as well as radar and antenna systems that require flexible coaxial interconnects that are subjected to constant motion.

This new family of cables offers a wide variety of constructions including:
• Jacket materials – Polyurethane, FEP & ETFE
• Dielectrics – ePTFE in both tape-wrapped and extruded
• Center Conductors – in 7 & 19 strand versions

There are currently 5 cable diameters available:
• .115”
• .125”
• .235”
• .335”
• .490” covering frequencies up to 40 Ghz

Common connector interfaces such as SMA, Type N, TNC and 2.92mm are offered.

For more information about the new Lab-Flex S series of cables or other durable, precise and cost effective test assemblies please visit the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page, or contact our Sales department and request our Lab-Flex S data sheet showing the complete performance parameters.

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