Following the success of the Diamond RF Resistives® product range, EMC Technology now offers CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders designed to meet today’s demanding requirements for higher power and longer life spans by keeping junction temperatures low and stable. CVD Diamond provides up to 8x the thermal conductivity of traditional materials like AlN and BeO.

EMC Technology, a Smiths Microwave business, offers custom designs optimized to meet specific application requirements of size, finish and mounting configuration. Common applications include GaN/GaAs RF power amplifiers, DDL/DPSSL laser diode arrays and high brightness LEDs. The metalized heat spreaders can also handle processing temperatures up to 400°C.

EMC CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders are available with standard thermal conductivity up to 1,400 W/mK, electrically isolated or conductive Ti/Pt/Au finishes and AuSn patterns to eliminate the need for pre-forms. Design guidelines and evaluation samples are available upon request.

For more information please contact our Sales team at +1 772-286-9300.  For questions or application information please contact a product specialist at +1 772-600-1613.