EMC Technology introduces high volume, pick and place chip attenuator in 0805 package.

EMC Technology introduces a new fixed attenuator, TS07XXF, in a SMT planar style chip design. This new TS07XXF offers a small 0805 package size and has excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz. The TS07XXF is packaged on 1,000 piece tape and reels for high volume, pick & place and targeted for Telecom and WiMax applications.

The TS07XXF attenuator is available in values of 1 through 10 dB in one dB increments and handles an operating temperature range of -55 to +125 °C. This cost effective attenuator handles 100 mW of input power. The planar style chip size is 0.080” x 0.050” (2.03mm x 1.27mm). All values of the TS07XXF are available and are RoHS compliant.

For more information about the TS07XXF, please visit our website or contact the factory today. The TS07XXF data sheet [1012105], select values and evaluation samples are available upon request.