Florida RF Labs has added broadband resistive power dividers to the HybriX® line of signal distribution products. The new RPD series offers significant advantages over on-board multi-resistor design by providing excellent broadband frequency response, highly repeatable performance, and streamlined assembly process in a monolithic surface-mountable chip package. Two and four-way resistive power dividers and combiners are currently available from the RPD series. 

Featuring operating frequency of DC to 12 GHz and typical VSWR of 1.30:1, these power dividers are ideal for broadband applications such as test equipment and military radios.  Despite their extremely compact size (0.098 in. x 0.098 in), these resistive power dividers are optimized to handle up to 1 watt of input power. Due to the novel modular design uneven split  ratios are available on request. The RPD series is fabricated using Florida RF Labs’ high precision resistor manufacturing process and supplied in convenient tape and reel packages for high speed automated assembly.

For more information on the RPD series resistive power dividers or to request samples, please visit the company's website www.emc-rflabs.com or contact the Sales Department at +1 772 286 9300.