Doupler-tmHybridCombinerIn support of the Radio Frequency industry’s continuous drive to improve component performance and reduce package size, Florida RF Labs has introduced a new and innovative solution for power combining and monitoring. The DouplerTM is a hybrid coupler and directional coupler integrated within a single SMT package.

This novel approach brings together the benefits of reduced component count, lower insertion loss, and minimized PCB footprint. DouplerTM allows for simplified PCB layout that eliminates impedance mismatch and interference, which are inherent with the conventional approach.

This technologically advanced product is available in all 3G and 4G frequency bands. When DouplerTM is complemented by EMC Technology’s Smart Detector power sensing terminations, a totally passive power combining and monitoring solution can be realized with the lowest loss and highest circuit reliability.

Paul Davidsson, VP Engineering, noted “The Doupler™ is the intersection of market need and very clever engineering. Cascading a hybrid and a directional coupler is a “common” approach to amplify and sample power levels, but our engineers have developed a new coupling mechanism which does both combining and directional coupling in one structure, in one package and half the insertion loss. This helps our customers reduce overall power amplifier size and improve operating efficiency. We are extremely excited about this technology breakthrough and our customers are too.”

Data sheet and evaluation board are available upon request.

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