EMC Technology introduces a new wideband temperature variable attenuator optimized for performance from DC to 20 GHz. Using EMC’s patented Thermopad technology, the WTVA offers the best performance to date for high frequency applications including optimal temperature coefficients of attenuation (TCA) at frequencies from 12.4 GHz up to 20 GHz. These devices have been noted for their good performance and small size, measuring only 0.125 X 0.095 in. (3.17 mm X 2.41mm). The WTVA wide band temperature variable attenuator is available in a wire bond gold finish with dB values from 2 to 6 dB and negative coefficients slopes from 0.003 to 0.006. In addition, EMC can develop custom variations specific to the frequency band and temperature slope characteristics of your application. The wide band temperature variable attenuator (WTVA) is patent pending and available now.