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Advances in High-Performance Ceramic Antennas for Small-Form-Factor, Multi-Technology Devices

Two trends are well underway in portable and handheld consumer electronic devices: shrinking form factors and the integration of multiple wireless technologies, such as Bluetoothâ„¢, cellular, GPS and Wi-Fi. These trends create challenges for device vendors and integrators by increasing the likelihood of RF noise and other system interactions that can undermine antenna performance.
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LTE Ready Backhaul

This paper looks at the evolution of the mobile backhaul network and the very network that will eventually carry the increasing broadband traffic.
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Designing RF, Mixed-technology Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards with both analog and digital circuitry are nearly universal. Recently, integration of RF circuitry in addition to the mixed analog and digital circuits has become more common. Problems arise because the PCB design tools have been ignorant of RF shapes printed on the board and a great deal of manual work was required to achieve a functioning product. Mentor has teamed with RF Design Tool suppliers, such as Agilent, to bring to market the first integrated RF-PCB system tool.
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