Time Domain Analysis with a VNA

A Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) natively measures complex S-parameters of a device under test (DUT) in the frequency domain mode by sweeping across various frequency points. While there is an exhaustive list of measurements that can be accomplished in the standard frequency domain mode – using the advanced inverse Chirp z-transformation, the measurements can also be simultaneously analyzed in the time domain mode. This gives the added advantage where the two fundamental modes of analysis can be performed by one single instrument.

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Measuring Millimeter Wave Materials for 5G and Advanced Sensing

With the rapid growth of wireless communication and sensing, there has been increased development of technologies at ever higher frequencies or smaller wavelengths. For example, high bandwidth communication addressed in the 5th Generation (5G) cellular network standards has motivated the opening of spectrum within the K and Ka bands (18-40 GHz). Whether repurposing existing lower frequency materials or developing new higher-frequency optimized materials, component developers need accurate material properties to use in their component designs.

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Automatic Fixture Removal with Copper Mountain Technologies VNA

Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) is a simple and an accurate way to de-embed a measurement fixture. These fixtures are typically used when measuring Surface Mount Device (SMD) type components to provide an interface from the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test port cables to the Device Under Test (DUT). The main challenge when characterizing such components is to completely isolate the actual DUT characteristics from the fixture; which becomes even more challenging at higher frequencies.

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