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Flex Your Backhaul Network with Adaptive Coding and Modulation

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) was designed to help operators maximize spectrum usage and increase the capacity of their backhaul links over any given channel bandwidth, under any weather condition, at any link budget. This paper provides an introduction to ACM and offers a number of examples that show how the technology simplifies mobile network planning and helps operators achieve better results both in the field as well as on their balance sheets.
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Optimization of a C-band Pulse Altimeter

In this paper, parameters of an old technology altimeter are discussed. Then, after deriving the measure of quality factor (height measurement accuracy), suitable solutions for improving the technology, namely decreasing its peak power (from 62.5 to 10.9w) to improve its LPI characteristics while maintaining its performance quality, are presented. In this altimeter, by interchanging older microwave devices such as a traveling-wave tube (TWT) with newer solid state devices, quality and LPI characteristics of these systems are improved despite the reduction in their size and cost. Therefore, access to systematic parameters of a pulse altimeter with low power, smaller weight and dimensions, higher security and defence capabilities is possible. In this way, it is of special importance to trade off the parameters and select an overall optimum solution.
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Gallium Nitride Applications

Gallium Nitride is an emerging technology that is rapidly being developed for both commercial and military applications. Its high power and efficiency make it ideal for power amplifiers ranging from L-band to W-band. With reducing material costs and conversion to 4” wafers, Gallium Nitride will become even more competitive in commercial markets.
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