White Papers

Mini Circuits

A Novel Solution for Board Design Compatibility with High-Rejection LTCC Filters

Mini-Circuits’ BFHK-series of ultra-high stopband rejection LTCC filters accelerates the drive towards RF/microwave circuit miniaturization while completely redefining performance levels achievable by LTCC filters. The BFHK-series of filters now achieves stopband rejections in excess of 90 dB in a surface mount LTCC component consuming just a fraction of the footprint area of even high-k dielectric based planar solutions.

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Thermal Considerations for High-Power GaN RF Amplifiers

GaN provides higher power density efficiency than traditional silicon in applications requiring high-frequency operation. GaN RF HEMTs are finding applications across all RF market segments rather than just cellular base stations and military radars. In order to maximize these benefits, designers must understand the thermal environment and its limitations.

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Rohde and Schwarz

5G RedCap: RF Implications for IoT Devices

The global transition to 5G is in full swing. Although 5G has primarily been used for smartphones and FWA applications, its potential applications are much broader. 5G will expand in scope to cover many more applications and device types. 5G Redcap will be a key step in this evolution.

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Electromagnetic Simulation for Electronic System Design in Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industry relies heavily upon advanced electronic systems for field communications, control, targeting, threat detection, asset tracking, health monitoring, and theater operations. These advanced electronic systems often require multiple, high-fidelity antennas. Those antennas, in turn, require interference free integration for maximum signal strength and reliability. This technical document provides an overview of Altair’s electromagnetics simulation strategies and technologies that support the development of complex electronic systems.

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