White Papers

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Design Tools

Links to Design Calculators, Tools, Spreadsheets and Websites with Useful RF/Microwave Design Guides.

Microwave Technology Basics

If your work involves microwave or wireless communications technology, our Microwave Basics reference articles and online course provide you with a basic understanding of key concepts, technological terms, components, devices and applications—all easily explained in down-to-earth language. Most of the content is based on information from the book "Microwaves and Wireless Simplified" by Thomas S. Laverghetta, available at Artech House and “Handbook of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Components” by Leonid A. Belov, Sergey M. Smolskiy and Victor N. Kochemasov published by Artech House and "Mixer Basics Primer A Tutorial for RF & Microwave Mixers” by Ferenc Marki & Christopher Marki. The EM Basics are explained by Prof. Raymond Rumpf in a video using a visual explanation of the concepts.

History of Wireless

These articles cover various aspects of the history of the wireless technology and related science that was the basis of our industry.