White Papers

Encryption Solutions with Noise Sources

Wireless networks are fraught with malicious parties waiting to intercept sensitive transmissions. In this Noisecom solutions guide, learn how truly random noise waveforms strengthen viability against interception, as well as different noise integration techniques within today’s advanced encryption systems. With the safety of data at constant risk, discover how noise can fortify encryption.

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Overcoming Size Limitations - the RF Performance Impact of Segmentation and Assembly on 3D Printed Luneburg Lenses

Segmentation is a powerful tool in extending the capabilities of otherwise workpiece size or workspace limited Additive Manufacturing technologies, and can enable the fabrication of complex dielectric structures. This is especially critical for highly intricate dielectric structures, such as metastructures, and Luneburg/GRIN RF lenses greater than 4.5” in diameter.

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5G NR Challenges & Trends in RFFE Design

The proposed capability enhancements from 4G long-term evolution (LTE) to 5G new radio (5G NR) were a massive leap designed to boost mobile telecommunications applications and enable many more. Aside from significantly boosting all major performance metrics, the 4G to 5G transition also heralds a more flexible and capable radio architecture with additional millimeter-wave frequency spectrum on top of legacy 4G LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and new sub-6 GHz frequency bands.

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Optimizing Antennas Installed Performance

This document looks at how Feko—in conjunction with Altair’s solutions for design simulation, exploration and optimization, structural assessment, and thermal analysis—can help antenna designers develop and verify their antenna solutions quickly, accurately, and efficiently. It will focus on how to realize automated, iterative design optimization through modelling and visualization.

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Millimeter Wave Design: Optimizing Performance in RF Compression Mount Connectors

In millimeter wave designs, compression mount connectors can be used to avoid problems commonly associated with solder variations. However, when using compression mount connectors, the potential impact of pin compression and/or misalignment on electrical performance at high frequencies should be considered. Using modeled and measured data, this white paper investigates how misalignment and pin compression could impact a real-world design. It also explains how to detect and avoid issues in order to optimize performance and complete a successful design. 

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Getting Started: An Introduction to Inductor Specifications

There is more to selecting an inductor than the nominal inductance value. To ensure your choice will perform in your application, you need to give careful consideration to inductance tolerance, current ratings, DCR, operating temperature and efficiency under specific conditions. This paper provides students and anyone new to inductors with an overview of the key performance ratings they will need to understand when specifying RF and Power Inductors.

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