Making History: Advanced System in a Package Technologies Enable Direct RF Conversion

RF data conversion systems are experiencing rapid changes as ADC and DAC performance specifications and form factors, along with new sensor technologies (Rx & Tx), continue to advance. One system level design problem has been consistent throughout—balancing the implementation tradeoffs between the analog and digital circuitry for maximum software/system flexibility (from sensor to the digital processing units’ input/output).

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Teledyne e2v

On the way to RF Softwarization, Teledyne e2v Data Converters Push Digital Signal Processing Boundaries with Direct Access to Ka-Band

The path toward fully software-defined satellites that deliver on-orbit reconfigurability and transponder re-use

Microwave RF softwarization in the Ka-band will upend satellite air interface design & deliver substantially more versatile platforms over the next decade. The disruptions impacting the space industry suggest the necessity of a development path towards fully software-defined satellites or SoftSats that deliver on-orbit reconfigurability and transponder re-use.

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Design Secrets Behind the World’s First K-band DAC

This paper covers design choices of the world’s first K-band data converter. By avoiding established CMOS design principles and applying an ultra-high speed process, new capabilities emerged; a compact, single-core quantizer and design expertise led to breakthrough performance and layout and circuit simplifications are dominant design considerations.

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